Australian Standard

The Australian standard for Bitumen is AS2008, which provides guidelines for the manufacture, handling, and application of Bitumen products in Australia. This standard specifies the physical and chemical properties of Bitumen that are suitable for use in various applications, such as road surfacing, waterproofing, and industrial uses.

Some of the key properties specified by AS2008 include the penetration grade, viscosity grade, and performance grade of the Bitumen. The penetration grade specifies the consistency of the Bitumen at a certain temperature, while the viscosity grade specifies the viscosity of the Bitumen at a specific temperature. The performance grade specifies the performance characteristics of the Bitumen, such as its resistance to deformation and cracking.

AS2008 also provides guidelines for testing and sampling of Bitumen products, as well as recommendations for storage, handling, and transport of Bitumen. The standard ensures that the Bitumen products produced and used in Australia meet certain quality and safety standards.