Order Procedure


Customers who intend to purchase different kinds of ´Ghir AKam ´ products, are able to  send their shopping requests to  info@akamb.com.

  Experts of Company will both check and reply inquiries as soon as possible.

Also Akam Bitumen company offers  to sell its products through the Iran Mercantile Exchange. Customers who wish to purchase through  the  Exchange , are required to practice in the following way:

1 - Select  a broker by the client.

 2 - Provide a purchase order  to the broker ,and issuing a preforma invoice by broker.

 3 - Deposit equivalent to ten percent of invoice amount to  the Exchange account, and send the deposit receipt  to the broker .

4 - Done deal by clients broker, in the Forums.

5-settling the rest of the bill , by the customer ,within ...... days

6- provide purchase documents,  by the buyer´s broker  to the Seller`s broker, to send to Akam Bitumen Co.

     7-Issue sales orders by sales department, loading and transportation by contractor nominated by  the customer.    


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