Packaging unit

Produced bitumen in bitumen production units after obtaining necessary approvals from the Quality Control Department, pipes out to the three packaging  fields  of two storage tanks, each with a total capacity of 240 tons. Each field has a capacity of 6,200 drums with about 1000 tons of bitumen.

According to time-schedual conducted by the above fields, the company is able to prepare and deliver daily (including a 12-hour shift) 5,000 drums , equivalent to about 900 tons of bitumen in drum package, and this capacity can be enhanced by increasing manpower and working time.

Steel Drum manufacturing unit

This unit was established in a land area of 27,000 square meters next to bitumen production facilities and is capable of manufacturing 5,000 drums per day, the produced steel drums are tar-coated immediately in order to prevent corrosion and rust.

:The steel drums  are generated in standard sizes and dimensions as follows

 Steel plate thickness: 0.6 mm

 Drum diameter: 50 ± 3 cm

 Drum height: 98 ± 3 cm

 Drum weight: 9/6 ± 0/2 kg

 Net weight Bitumen per each Drum: 180 ± 3 kg

Weight of Drum and bitumen: 190 ± 3 kg 

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