Company Profile

Production unit

The company has two separate units of production which by using two reactors manufactures the total quantity of 2000 MT Bitumen continuously per day in different grades including 40/50, 60/70, 85/100, 120/150 , 200/300 and other grades upon customers order  .It is worth to mention that all the necessary controls in the production process are conducted through the PLC system in a control room which is equipped by appropriate instrumentations.

Loading / unloading Unit

At this unit with 2 separate sites for unloading of Vaccum Battom , there are all related facilities for unloading total number of 4 tankers with over 2800 tons capacity per day.Needless to mention that we have loading facilities for bulk tankers , those enable us to loading our products with capacity of 2400 tons per day.All feed arrivals and product departure weight with a fully-computerized 60-tons bridge-weight. 

Laboratory unit

Test requirements according to International standards are carried out at IN-HOUSE according to latest technologies and most modern instruments, prior, while and after production. Control and High quality remains the Core of our business.

Akam` Bitumen is applied and specially used for Road Construction projects and our laboratory is designed to test Performance Grades and Viscosity Grade Bitumen beside commonly required parameters .

Utility Unit

For providing required electrical energy of equipments, water purification unit , producing steam to warm up tanks and pipes of material transmission system , providing  compressed air requirements of production units as well as the gas supply of the entire factory the following facilities will be used :

    A separate unit of electrical posting high pressure with a capacity of 2 MW and HV Electrical Control Panels using standard European equipment

     Water purification units using sand filters, activated carbon and reverse osmosis system (RO) to provide non-hardness water for the use of boilers

  Two Boilers (boiler) with a capacity of 10,000 tons per hour

     Four compressors with a capacity of 9,000 cubic meters per hour of compressed air and a full system of compressed air stabilization and air dryers, for using in the production units 

     A compressor only for air supply of exclusive instrumentation and laboratory

  More than 30000 Dia-Inch of piping for transfer of raw material , productions , steam, air and gas to all related units

   An emergency power generator to provide electric power with a capacity of 600kva which obviates the need of the entire factory

  dedicated post of gas pressure reduction with a capacity of 1000 cubic meters per hour

   Tanks and storage units

Akam Bitumen Company has 6 storage tanks with  capacity of 5,000 tons for each one  and 2 tanks with a capacity of 1,300 tons, capable of storing about 33,000 tons of raw materials and all types of products. Now the company plans to build two new storage tanks with capacity of 5,000 tons in its agenda. All the tanks have the heating steam coil system in the floors and walls. There are also two tanks with a total capacity of 600 tons to storage and supply water for fire-fighting systems and the company utility needs.



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